Characteristics to be a good real estate agent

Being a good real estate agent requires more than obtaining a license. It implies commitment, honesty and strong work ability. Among the characteristics necessary to be able to develop in the profession are:

Be focused on customer service.

Real estate agents constantly work with the public, so it requires someone who likes to talk to people and feels satisfied seeing their clients achieve their goal.

It requires frequent phone conversations, being able to answer calls on time or answering emails, and being patient.

Buying a home is a great economic decision that most customers think carefully about. Very rarely is it done by impulse, as is the case with other items that are purchased.

Have ability to sell.

It is key in this profession to know how to sell. Even when you are dedicated only to serving buyers, not sellers, your skills to sell your services can make the difference between success and failure.

Being persuasive is one of the characteristics that you must develop, as well as having the ability to close the transaction, i.e. agreements.

You must get your client to understand that you are the best option for him and to trust that you are the professional trained to help you achieve your goal, whether it is buying, selling or renting.

This is different to close the sale of a house, which is the final part of the process and not depend solely on you.

Be perseverant

Most real estate transactions are not achieved in a month, and less in this market where there are so many short sales and foreclosures.

It is important that you keep your client motivated, but also that you are motivated, so that you do not neglect the process.

You have to be willing to occasionally spend months before you achieve results with some clients.

Be organized and a good planner

Most are their own bosses therefore they should know how to work with minimal supervision.

They must have a specific work area, and a good filing system to handle all the documentation of their cases.

They have to keep their agenda organized, and know that they have to fulfill their agendas without seeking excuses. They do not have a boss who scolds them, but being wrong with the client will bring bad recommendations.

They must learn to be punctual without anyone being watched. They are able to organize their personal life with the same rigor as if they had a fixed schedule. They arrange for the care of children, pick them up at school and meet medical appointments without affecting commitments to clients.

They recognize the advantages of having a flexible schedule, but understand that they will have to work many weekends, holidays and evenings. To maintain control over this, do not overload and do not affect your other responsibilities, it is important to set rules.

Be technological and be informed

This profession requires knowledge of the internet, a tool that greatly facilitates and streamlines customer service.

This career field is changing with new regulations and requirements every day. Be aware of the news and how this affects customers.

They have to continue taking courses to be better informed and offer better service. Also part of the requirements to maintain the license is to take continuing education courses.

Be honest and recognize limitations

They must handle client funds with the rigor required by law.

They recognize their professional limitations and do not attempt to supplant bankers, engineers, appraisers or inspectors. They know that everyone is the expert in their area.