Before choosing a real estate agent

The real estate professional is the real estate agent. This can help you identify communities and properties within the style and budget you are interested in, as well as guide you through the entire process of the mortgage transaction.

If at the time of buying or selling you decide to hire one to help you achieve your goal, it is important that you know more about your professional credentials and what you have to offer before signing a contract. Find out about the following:

Licenses and professional credentials: In the US and many other parts of the world a license to practice is required. Ask him to show it to you and if you have doubts, look for more information on the internet or in the entity that regulates the profession where you want to buy or sell.

This ensures that you have met the basic requirements, have the required knowledge where you practice and are registered with a government entity with your personal and professional data.

Time working in real estate: Ask when it started in the profession and how it has been his career. He also knows what his goals are when working in that profession.

With this conversation you will have an idea of ​​your motivations, if you are a person only oriented to work for the money that you represent as a client, if you are focused on numbers only to have a higher production in sales or if you move him to help his clients achieve their goals. This is basic in this profession.

Experience in the community or city where you work: Knowing your market is one of the most important factors for a real estate agent, so you will have firsthand information about schools, shopping places and lifestyles. It will also have data on prices, new communities and opportunities.

If you are specialized only in one specific community, it will be very difficult for you to recommend updated alternatives to another, unless you are a professional who is concerned with keeping abreast of industry trends.

Company or group working: Do you belong to a company or have your own business? As it is called? Ask who is the highest authority in the place, where he works. It also knows who replaces it or helps it in case it is not available. It is important to know who will be communicating with you and to whom you will be providing information.

Take into account that large companies have dozens of offices that operate independently, with one owner in each.

References: It is a good idea to call one of these professionals because you referred him a friend or family member who had a good experience. This is not always possible, and sometimes you have to call for an ad or the phone book.

Ask for references of your work, with names and phone numbers.

Type of contract offers you: If you are selling your home, before signing the contract with realtor question its implications. Have me explain the type of contract, what the clauses mean, how long it is, level of exclusivity and what happens if you get the buyer.

Besides that is the time to agree the commission. Remember that as a seller you pay the commission of the agent, unless for extraordinary circumstances you agree otherwise.

Marketing strategies: Selling a house is not a factor of luck. It requires effort, discipline and promotion techniques. Ask each agent you interview how to promote your home.

Your opinion of your property: If you are selling talk about your property, selling expectations in terms of time and price you understand must have. Ask her what she thinks and takes into account through her words and nonverbal language, how comfortable she can feel when selling your property. Are you used to handling such transactions? Evaluate it.

If you are buying, tell the type of house you are looking for, the price and ask if you understand that you can find options within what you are looking for. Leave a window open for you to offer other alternatives, but nobody better than you to know the property that meets your expectations and needs.