How to be a successful real estate agent

  • Promote you

Set a calendar to find customers.

Spend some time each week to get new leads by advertising by email or phone calls. Take some time to advertise your services in small places like cafeterias or community meeting places. While buying lists of potential customers can develop new business, the most productive leads come from direct interactions.

  • Participate in the community.

Keep up-to-date on changes or improvements in the market by having a presence in the community.

  1. Attend local festivals.
  2. Sponsors local schools and sports teams.
  3. Introduce yourself to the neighbors.
  • Have virtual presence.

Be sure to keep in touch with potential buyers in today’s virtual marketplace. Many buyers do exhaustive searches online before contacting listings. Make your listings stand out, using technology to display properties online.

  1. Create virtual tours in 3D to the houses of your listing.
  2. Publish video visits by walking through the houses of the listings.
  3. Includes photos in each publication of a listing.
  • Keep in touch with old customers.

Overall, 75% of the business for real estate agents comes from referrals. Make sure you do not miss out on new business opportunities by ignoring old customers.

  1. Send them a welcome basket after the sale.
  2. Call customers 1 or 2 months after the sale to follow up and make sure they are satisfied.
  3. Send them an annual newsletter to all old customers. References may appear several years after you have had a relationship with a client.

As a real estate agent, selling yourself is as important as selling the property. Strive to create connections with people first and then they will want to buy or sell your property with you.

  • Continue to learn a lifetime

Surround yourself with real estate professionals.

When making connections with the people of the real estate industry, you will have a network of professionals from whom you can get the listings. Maintain a solid network by interacting with all the real estate agents you can.

  1. Join associations of local and national agents.
  2. Connect with a mentor to ask questions and compare ideas.
  3. Use the comments the client gives you to adjust your focus.
  • Attend seminars.

Many real estate agencies and associations offer seminars on aspects of the negotiation of contracts or contracts. Sign up to attend several seminars each year to keep you up to date with new market strategies and to reach out to others in the industry.

  • Look at the neighborhood market and trends.

Real estate markets are constantly changing. You must know the factors that affect the prices and the availability of your locality.

  1. Keep a database of recent sales in the area for comparable prices.
  2. Stay informed about the value of housing and trends in some specific neighborhoods.
  3. Look at school rankings and evaluate ratings to share this information with customers.


  • Take advantage of technology. Technology can help you track customers, offer virtual tours and advertise your services.
  • Be tenacious and energetic. Do not lower your guard when the market is slow. Demand in the real estate market tends to rise and fall throughout seasons throughout the year. Get ready for these changes.
  • It actively seeks out new customers every day. You never know when you will meet your next client. Introduce yourself to all the new people you meet.