Prepare your home for a summer sale

The climatic conditions change many aspects of the way in which a property should be displayed and the way in which those who buy it see it, so that it achieves a good price, something that surely your adviser must know, if you have a good agent of real estate that represents and directs, someone with extensive experience, because that makes the difference between thousands of dollars less or more.

Good gardens, well maintained, with many flowers and reforested areas, will be very well seen by a buyer. The same as a good patio, clear, and with a lot of nature, but without disorder, will also make a good difference.

Although the improvement of a garden does not substantially increase the value of the property, many investigations do show that if these areas of the house are very well maintained, the house is sold more quickly and helps the seller obtain better offers. First impressions always count when it comes to selling, and the garden is the entrance to the house, so do not hesitate to make some small arrangements if necessary.

Another important aspect in the summer is the ventilation and the luminosity of a house, because with the heat of the summer, nobody wants to live inside a furnace, and with a good sunny afternoon, nobody wants to be in a dark place. So it’s important that these two details, which seem elementary, pay close attention, and the necessary arrangements are made.

It is necessary to clarify that some important arrangements must always be made to obtain a good price for a house, such as repairs of ceilings, electrical, aqueduct or sewerage networks that are not very necessary, as well as changes in painting and decoration, among others. Aspects, but in the case of a summer sale, the gardens, the green areas, the good ventilation, and the luminosity of the different areas of the homes will be of great importance to achieve a good price. Never take a step in this direction without the coordination of your real estate advisor, because there are some of these decorative arrangements that can be very expensive, and that are not necessary, and that in some cases, due to bad advice, they do not improve the property, on the contrary if they make it look bad.