Real estate for business


“85% of sales and customer inflows are directly related to the geographical location of a business, general manager and an expert in remarketing. Therefore, it is very important to find the ideal place when you are about to start.

However, few entrepreneurs have experience in such specialized real estate and make common mistakes like choosing a local bad in exchange for a low income. Coupled with this, they do not consider whether it is located on a sidewalk with little or high visibility or pass legal terms. The result: few sales and early bankruptcy.

A good business idea is to offer the services of real estate broker specialized in commercial premises. This endeavor is perfect for those who have professional training in law or for those with experience in real estate brokerage.


Start by locating premises on streets, avenues and shopping centers with high potential. Talk to the owners, ask them to share the contracts so you can analyze them calmly and offer them to look for good tenants in exchange for a commission -equivalent, for example, to the first month of rent-. Search also for managers of small commercial plazas and buildings with premises.

Invest in a Web page so you can upload photos of the premises and share their features. This, unlike other sites, will involve an approximate cost of $ 18,000.00, but remember that it will attract the attention of those who are interested in opening a business.

Unlike a conventional real estate broker, the added value of your business will be that you will choose the right location for each type of venture. You will be the one who takes into account needs, scope and budgets, and will provide legal advice regarding lease agreements.