Some tips to sell your house

Whether it’s because you change to a better home or because you need the money, selling a house is not always as easy as simply displaying it on the wall of a real estate or in a home buying and selling portal. Like any other thing that we want to sell, a house must be attractive to the prospective buyer, either because of its competitive price or its careful presentation.

If you are currently looking to put your home for sale, you must take into account certain aspects to assess and before which you will have to pay attention. An active interest and be continually aware of possible offers will be effective details with which you can get to close a sale. Also, another thing that you have to take into account is that you have to let yourself be advised by the professionals of the sector, although without neglecting your active participation in everything that lasts the sales process. If you are looking for ideas that can help you to sell or rent your house, pay attention to the following tips.

Order and clean your house

There is nothing that more rejection causes a possible buyer to find what you want to acquire in poor condition or poor care. If you intend to sell or rent a home, you will be obliged to show it, either in person or through videos and photos, and you will need it to be neat, clean and collected so that potential buyers get a good impression. Analyze the possible defects or improvements to be made so that this does not negatively affect the final price of the property.

This is perhaps one of the most important points, because not only will it make it easier for potential tenants to see themselves living in that house, but you, as a landlord, will project an image of a serious, attentive and responsible person. Transmitting tranquility and trust is important and more so when dealing with such important transactions. Remember that buying a home is a very expensive investment before which many people value infinite factors before taking the step.

Establish a fair price

Something you should know before deciding to sell your house is that the price of the house you will not be able to establish it according to your preferences, but you will have to do it according to the market. And what does this mean? That you should make an analysis of how the price of the house is in the area where it is located. Take into account factors such as the cost of the square meter, the number of rooms, characteristics of the property or the appraised value in that particular area will let you know the approximate price that you can set to sell your house.

Avoid establishing a very high amount because, probably, few tenants are interested in housing if they have other houses with similar characteristics and location at a lower price. Ask for advice from experts in the real estate world so they can advise you or just analyze for yourself, through the websites of sale of houses, the price of the houses located in your same area.

Advertise your home on the internet

Currently, the vast majority of efforts are made through the Internet and the search for housing is no exception. There are many different platforms and online portals where you can post an advertisement of your home with photos, details, features of the property, etc., and where interested people can contact directly with the seller or tenant.

The more detailed the ad is and the more careful the photos or videos that accompany it, the more likely that people will be interested in it. At this point, the first advice of this article is repeated: it shows through the photographs an orderly, clean and welcoming home. On the other hand, try that the photos or videos are recorded with good quality that have a good lighting and correct framing.

Gather all the necessary documentation

Another point that many people can ignore is to have all the documents related to the house in order. While it is true that all the paperwork can be commissioned by an estate agent, if you want to do it on your own and avoid additional expenses, you should find what documents you should have in order. The first one is the deed of sale of the property, and you can find it in the Property Registry of the place where the property is located. You will also need to show your identity document and a paper proving that you are the owner of the property and if it has any type of charge.

To the previous documents a tax type is added

The IBI, the Tax on Real Estate and can ask you for the last five receipts paid. It will also be necessary to present a certificate stating that there are no outstanding community fees to be paid and, if the home is still being paid through a mortgage, you will need the Certificate of outstanding debt and the cancellation of the registration. Lastly, and since 2013, it is also mandatory to present an energy efficiency certificate.

Seek professional advice

Within this point you can not only include real estate agents, but you may also need help from notaries, decorators or photographers. The above tips can help you to get an idea of ​​what you need, but it is possible that you feel lost or that you do not know how to carry out the different ideas that you keep in your head. Temporarily hire a professional to help you improve, both your home and the promotion of this, can become a good long-term investment.

When talking about investing in a home that you want to put on sale, the most important aspects are to fix damage, make a simple redecoration to make the house more attractive, hire an expert who is responsible for advising you as to the documentation and steps to follow in the whole process or make an attractive photo album to announce the sale of your house. All this last you can value it and carry it out for yourself but, if you see that you are not having the expected results, seek the advice of a professional and let yourself be advised.