Tips for choosing the right real estate agent

A real estate agent can make the difference between a fast and high profitability transaction and that your property languishes for months in the market. Choosing the right agent takes time and a lot of consideration and you have to weigh everything from the professional record to the personal instinct. Before continuing your search, keep these five recommendations in mind.

Tips for choosing the right real estate agent take a look at your history

If you are going to hire someone to do a job for you, it is always good to look at your CV. choosing an agent is not different. Search online for the current ads of each potential agent to find out what their specialty is: Do they have many properties of similar size and price to yours? Have they operated in your area in the past? Talk to old clients if possible. Ask them how satisfied they were with the service received, how much time they spent their properties in the market and how close they were to getting the requested price. Your agent should not have any problem to provide you with a list of references to contact for more information.

Check your qualifications

All real estate agents should have a specific professional training. The specific requirements vary from country to country, but as a rule they usually include many hours of study, practical training and exams. The best agents do not stop training and expand their knowledge and skills through advanced courses, so you may want to ask your candidates which was the last conference or workshop they attended. This will ensure that they have up-to-date knowledge of the market, trends and processes.

Test your knowledge

A good real estate agent knows your market well and knows everything about your area. They should have a considered and accurate response to any questions they ask. Your knowledge should be evident according to your way of talking about your property, talk about potential buyers and advise on prices. In the best case they will have sold other properties in the same category in the past and should be able to talk to you about their experience to sell their property.

Evaluate your personality

Selling or buying a property can be an arduous process and you will have to spend a lot of time with your real estate agent. It is important to choose someone with whom you can work well and who you can trust who will act in the most favorable way for you. Be sure to meet in person all real estate agents on your list to find out which candidate offers the best combination of good credentials and a friendly and cordial character.

Choose a name with a good reputation

The best-known real estate brands in the world have earned their reputation through excellent service. Thus, a reputable agency is a wise choice.